The Purbanchal University MBA program is a full-time course designed to train people to become skilled managers for both business and non-business fields.


The MBA program of Purbanchal University is a full-time program directed at preparing professional managers for the business and non-business sectors. The program’s focus is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through the curricular and co-curricular activities. The MBA program specifically aims to:

 Prepare professional managers for the business and non-business sectors. 

  • Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluating risks and taking challenges in the emerging Global business environment. 
  • Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become scientifically approached, result oriented, and socially responsive management professionals.

Curricular Structure:

The MBA program has been designed at 70 credit hours with 26 course components including internship project or thesis. There will be two non-credit courses for non-management background students. Each course component has a weight of 2 or 3 credit hours requiring a minimum of 32 or 48 direct class contact hours per semester and 5 credit hours for Internship or Thesis. The course structure of the program is as follows:

Eligibility For Admission

The candidate applying for MBA program must have secured at least 45 % in the bachelor’s degree or equivalent program from any recognized University.


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Course Structure:

Semester I:                                                           

  • FO-511: Quantitative Skills for Business Studies                                         
  • FO-512: Managerial Communications                                                           
  • FO-513: Managerial Economics and Decision Making                                 
  • FO-514: Legal Environment of Business                                                      
  • CO-515: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills                              
  • CO-516: Marketing for Managers                                                                 
  • CO-517: Financial Accounting   

Semester II:                                                                                                   

  • CO-521: Management Accounting                                                                
  • CO-522: Macro Economics and Policy Making                                            
  • CO-523: Financial Management and Analysis                                              
  • CO-524: Operations Management                                                                 
  • CO-525: Human Resource Management                                                       
  • CO-526: Business Research                                                                           
  • SE-521: Seminar Series I (By College)  

Semester III:                                                                                                

  • CO-531: Management Information System and E-commerce                       
  • CO-532: Organization Change and Design                                                   
  • CO-533: Entrepreneurship                                                                             
  • SE-531:  Seminar Series II (By College)                                                       
  • XX-531: Specialization I and                                                                                    
  • XX-532: Specialization II  

Semester IV:                                                                                                 

  • CA-541: Strategic Management                                                                    
  • CA-542: International Business                                                                     
  • XX-54x: Specialization III                                                                            
  • XX-54x: Specialization IV and                                                                     
  • XX-54x: Specialization V: Seminar (By College)                                         
  • IN-Internship/Thesis                                                                                      
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