Sociology is an important subject at Purbanchal University, specifically in the field of social science.


Sociology has been established as a prominent social science branch under Purbanchal University. As member of social science, it encompasses the aspect like human evolution, Human Behavior, social institutions, social structure, social conflict and cultural complex of various societies in the world. In dealing with these aspects, Sociology/Anthropology makes holistic approach and no other members of this domain have contributed in such a manner.

Especially, Master’s Degree in Sociology /Anthropology is designed to enhance general theoretical understanding and research skill of students in Sociology and Anthropology in such a way that they achieve mastery over the subject matter and methodology. The course offers students knowledge, perspectives, and insight into culture, society, history and contemporary issues of Nepal and various proposals about solution that are required of the social scientists, social engineers, policy makers, planners and executors of New Nepal.

Duration of the Course and Examinations:

The duration of the course is of two years. Eighty percent of the attendance in the class is compulsory.


Evaluation will be on the basis of 40 percent internal and 60 percent external.


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Social info :

Curricular Structure:

 I Year

    • Theories in Sociology
    • Theories in Anthropology
    • Theories on Socio-cultural Change and Development
    • Social Research Methods
    • Sociological/Anthropological Perspectives on Social and Cultural Institutions
II Year (Sociology Group)
  • Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
  • Sociology of Rural Society
  • Thesis
  • Population Studies
  • Gender Studies
II Year (Anthropology Group)
  • Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
  • Anthropology of Development and Environment Management
  • Thesis
  • Human Evolution and Ethno-archaeology
  • Gender Studies
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