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Admission Open for +2 Science, Management & Humanities
Master’s Degree in Sociology/Anthropology
1st Year
Paper    Courses
I            Theories in Sociology
II           Theories in Anthropology
III          Theories on Socio-cultural Change and Development
IV          Social Research Methods
V           Sociological/Anthropological Perspectives on Social and Cultural Institutions
2nd Year (Sociology Group)
VI            Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
VII           Sociology of Rural Society
VIII          Thesis
IX            Population Studies
X             Gender Studies
2nd Year (Anthropology Group)
VI            Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
VII           Anthropology of Development and Environment Management
VIII          Thesis
IX            Human Evolution and Ethno-archeology
X             Gender Studies
Substantial part of the syllabus deals with Nepalese context, issues, problems and perspectives.
Class & Methods of Teaching
• The class will be small enough to ensure teacher-students interaction and maintain space for personal attention.
• A fine combination of lecture and participatory methods will be applied to ensure sound theoretical understanding and use of the theories by students to examine existing social realities.
• Seminars are organized in which students are required to present papers and discuss issues to enhance students’ ability and confidence of self-learning.
• Some classes are taken by visiting professors.
• The text, reference and other materials are suggested and provided by concerned teacher and the college.
Examination and Evaluation
Each of the nine papers has fundamentally two systems of examination and evaluation:
(a) written annual examination conducted by the University which carries 80 marks out of 100; and
(b) internal assessment based on
• Terminal and Send-Up exams
• Theory and Research Based Term Papers
• Class Assignments
Involvement of Students in Research Projects and Activities
On selective basis, students are involved in various research projects and other activities carried out by Center for Nepal Studies and Research, a research center of SM College which offers them opportunities to put their learning into practice.
Residential School
Students have to attend residential schools which are designed to enhance practical and theoretical understanding and advanced research skill and knowledge. The residential school comprises of the activities such as highly interactive class, exercise, field work, analysis, report preparation, presentation and discussion.
Seminars and Talk Programs
In the initiative of students and faculties, seminars and talk programs are frequently organized to discuss and share views on contemporary political, economic, social and cultural issues.
Admission Procedure
Those who have completed Bachelor’s degree in any discipline may apply. The applicant should appear and pass written entrance test given by the University. Finally, he or she has to appear on personal or group interview.
The selection of the student will be based on (a) academic base which is demonstrated in written test; (b) interest, willingness and commitment for academic achievement and (c) readiness for observance of College rules.