Sagarmatha Multiple College (SM College), established in 2057 (2000) and it is a creation of some of Nepal’s well-known educationists, academicians and scholars. The team is led by professionally trained and experienced teachers and staff who believe the Progressive Change in Education.

It offers: +2 in Science, Management, Humanities & Law of NEB and BBA, BA, MBA & MA.

Vision & Mission:

  • It has 22+year long history, demonstrating its quality, dedication and commitment. The College Management expresses hearty gratitude to all of its valued parents/guardians for their continued support, advice, feedback and warm affection they have shown for the College. The college is confident that their invaluable support will continue in the future.
  • It has a vision for the country, for the parents and for the new generation of Nepal to shoulder the process of nation-building and social change through innovative and creative education. College is dedicated to the production of social scientists, media workers and other professionals required for nation building.

  • We believes in Education for Progressive Change. It is guided by the philosophy of optimizing the potentials of Nepal’s energetic youth and meeting the requirement of the country for overall change. Furthermore, the college has adopted a holistic view of imparting the quality education to meet the emerging challenges of the contemporary world and time.

Especially, Sagarmatha College, Dillibazar, Kathmandu was established in 2000 AD, with the motto of “Student First”. From the beginning “It is a Choice for the Genuine Students”. It offer an Excellent Academic Environment in Moderate Fee Structure. It is not only a college; it seems to be an university based on the courses that offers. 

SM Affiliation:

  • Purbanchal University for BA, BBA & MBA, MA Sociology/Anthropology
  • Nepal Education Board for +2: Science, Management, Humanities & Law

Why SM?

  • Believes in “Student First” culture
  • Moderate Fee Structure @ Academic Excellence
  • Technically & Academically Sound, Innovative and New Management Team
  • Provides Fully Family Environment
  • Separate Boys and Girls Hostel
  • ECA Hub: ECA, GD, Case Study, Field Trip etc
  • Healthy in House Kitchen (canteen)
  • Provides 100% internship to the students
  • Provides required financial support to needy students
  • Offers 100% job guarantee to our needy students
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gaming Facility: synonyms of ECA 

Student Facilities:

  • On/Off line Library:
    • More than 30,000 course books
    • All Leading Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals
    • Available sufficient free spaces for learning
    • Unlimited course books
    • Unlimited video tutorials*
    • Sufficient PCs for learning and research
    • Free Internet facilities
  • Transportation:
    • Pickup and drop facilities for all level students
    • Euro-II standard Eicher bus
    • Comfortable seating arrangements
    • Sufficient bags/luggage storage
  • Hostel:
    • Separate for boys and girls
    • Choices of room: single, double, triple
    • Weekly room cleaning schedule
    • Laundry facilities inside a hostel
    • Separate cupboard for personal belongings
  • Extra-Curricular Activities:
    • Symposium, cultural programmers
    • Quiz contests, creative writing
    • GD, Case Study and presentation
    • Field visits, excursion tours
    • Freshness party & picnics (2 day, 1 night at beach camp)
    • Social activities: blood donation, area cleaning etc
  • Cafeteria:
    • In-house canteen/cafeteria i.e. located within the college premises
    • 75 seats at a time
    • Buffet style/Self services
    • Daily menu for breakfast
    • Veg and non-vegetable Nepali Khana

           a. Normal Khana: Daal, Saag, Achar, Papad, Salad, Seasonal Vegetable Curry, Jeera Masino Rice (non steam)

           b. Non veg-Khana: 2 times a week (Chicken & Mutton Curry plus Mutter Paneer & Mushroom Curry for Vegetarian)

  • Computer/Micro Processor Lab:
    • Full multi-media computer lab for software and web development
    • High speed Internet lab Free WiFi
    • Multimedia projector for demonstration
    • Well ventilated room with CCTV
    • 8085 model Micro Processor Kit
    • Oscilloscope with Digital logic Kit
  • Class Room:
    • Multimedia projector for demonstration
    • Individual seating plan
    • Well ventilated room with CCTV
  • Scholarship scheme: We offer up to 100% scholarship for our students based on:
    • Past academic degree/results
    • Past extra co-curricular activities
    • Class’s academic activities
    • Class test/Unit test (theory/practical/reports)
    • Mid-term exam (theory/practical/reports)
    • Pre-board exam (theory/practical/reports)
    • University, NEB final exam
  • Sports:
    •  Both indoor & outdoor gaming facilities: badminton, basketball, table tennis, futsal, volleyball etc

Contact Us

Sagarmatha  Multiple College (SM College), Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

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