The MBA program of Purbanchal University is a full-time program directed at preparing professional managers for the business and non-business sectors. The program’s focus is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through the curricular and co-curricular activities. The MBA program specifically aims to:


 Prepare professional managers for the business and non-business sectors. 

  • Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluating risks and taking challenges in the emerging Global business environment. 
  • Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become scientifically approached, result oriented, and socially responsive management professionals.


Eligibility for Admission

The candidate applying for MBA program must have secured at least 45 % in the bachelor’s degree or equivalent program from any recognized University.


Curricular Structure

The MBA program has been designed at 70 credit hours with 26 course components including internship project or thesis. There will be two non-credit courses for non-management background students. Each course component has a weight of 2 or 3 credit hours requiring a minimum of 32 or 48 direct class contact hours per semester and 5 credit hours for Internship or Thesis. The course structure of the program is as follows:


Semester I:                                                                                                    

FO-511: Quantitative Skills for Business Studies                                         

FO-512: Managerial Communications                                                           

FO-513: Managerial Economics and Decision Making                                 

FO-514: Legal Environment of Business                                                      

CO-515: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills                              

CO-516: Marketing for Managers                                                                 

CO-517: Financial Accounting                                                                      


Semester II:                                                                                                   

CO-521: Management Accounting                                                                

CO-522: Macro Economics and Policy Making                                            

CO-523: Financial Management and Analysis                                              

CO-524: Operations Management                                                                 

CO-525: Human Resource Management                                                       

CO-526: Business Research                                                                           

SE-521: Seminar Series I (By College)                                                          


Semester III:                                                                                                

CO-531: Management Information System and e-commerce                       

CO-532: Organization Change and Design                                                   

CO-533: Entrepreneurship                                                                             

SE-531:  Seminar Series II (By College)                                                       

XX-531: Specialization I and                                                                                    

XX-532: Specialization II                                                                              


Semester IV:                                                                                                 

CA-541: Strategic Management                                                                    

CA-542: International Business                                                                     

XX-54x: Specialization III                                                                            

XX-54x: Specialization IV and                                                                     

XX-54x: Specialization V: Seminar (By College)                                         







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